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Our senior campers are the campers completing grades four, five, and six and are our oldest campers.  They have the opportunity to have a customized camp experience with the chance to choose what activities they would like to participate in from our wide variety of activities.


Senior campers are with their cabin groups for two periods then split into their individually chosen activities for the afternoon.

As they are now developing deeper interest in specific activities (sports, outdoor ed and the arts) we offer them opportunities delve into these personal interests while at camp and further expand their abilities in these interests.

Each day, for multiple periods, our senior campers will participate in activities of their choice, giving them the chance to socialize and interact with other campers in their unit and to expand their knowledge and skillset in the activities they are most passionate about. 

Each cabin group will participate in a variety of different age appropriate activities(listed below) and will rotate between them after each period.  The daily schedule will include different activities each day of the week 

Campers of every age group will also enjoy a variety of camp wide activities which will alternate everyday. Every Friday is costume day where there will be a theme of the week and all campers can get creative and dress up in an awesome costume based on that theme.  There will also be special themed activities.

List of  Activities 

​Cabin Activities 

  • Arts and Crafts

  • Archery

  • Basketball

  • Badminton

  • Beach Volleyball

  • Dodgeball 

  • Fitness

  • Gagaball

  • Spikeball

  • Nature

  • Multisport

  • Swim(off site) 

Individual Activities

  • Magic

  • Rock Climbing 

  • Outdoor Exploration 

  • Survival

  • Filmmaking

  • Glee

  • Stop motion Animation

  • Mountain biking

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