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COVID-19 Policy

Covid-19 Policy:


While our mission is to create a fun and lasting experience, Camp Boomerang also prioritizes the health and safety of all it’s campers and staff. Due to the pandemic our greatest concern is the safety of everyone at camp and we will be taking precautions to ensure the safety of everyone. We prioritize keeping a clean environment to help prevent the spread of any germs and illnesses. We will be providing hand sanitizer plus extra masks at camp for staff and campers.


When indoors or outdoors it is not mandatory for staff and campers to wear a mask as it is left to their own discretion. It is the parents decision whether they would like their child to wear a mask.   We teach all our campers to be inclusive and respectful towards each other regardless of whether or not they choose to wear a mask. As restrictions change we will be updating our policies to follow the correct guidelines and we hope that in the near future we will be able to move forward without these procedures. Thank you for working with us to create a fun and safe environment for everyone at camp!

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